$300,000 Left in a Taxi by a Professional Poker Player

A professional poker player had three hundred thousand dollars stolen from him by a Las Vegas taxi driver named Gerardo Gamboa. It was originally thought that the bag was only filled with candy.

The professional poker player had a lucky day as this cab driver was an honest man who noticed that the bag wasn’t filled with money but instead with a massive amount of money. Mr. Gamboa instantly took the money to the police and returned every dime of the money back to the 28 year old poker player. The name of this player wasn’t released so that the player wouldn’t have to deal with the reticule that would come with this kind of mistake.

Mr. Gamboa was rewarded with his honest act by the poker player. The poker pro gave the Gerardo a ten thousand dollar time for returning the money and on top of that the Yellow Checker Star Cab Company, the taxi cab Mr. Gamboa is employed by gave him a one thousand dollar bonus and a gift card to the Las Vegas Steakhouse.

Mr. Gamboa commented on his actions saying, “I am just happy that the professional poker pro went to the authorities in order to see if his money was returned. I would never have felt comfortable accepting $300,000 after a long period of time. I thank the poker pro and my company for their acts of generosity in rewarding me with $11,000. This will be a very good Christmas for my family and I.

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