$90 Million Gambling Lost By John Daly

John Daly, a professional golfer in the United States of America has claimed that he has lost a total of $90 Million during the last fifteen years he has gambled. He only has been able to make $35 Million back on his investments, a sizeable amount of the money he has lost occurred when he was playing at various blackjack tables.

john daly

TMZ, a famous gossip website and Television show saw Mr. Daly in Las Vegas earlier this week when they asked him what he was doing in the city. John Daly told the TMZ that within 1992 to 2007 he spent a total of $90 Million gambling at land based and internet casinos.

The former PGA Champion continued speaking to the reporter saying, “It shocked me when I did the calculations. I didn’t think that I had spent that much gambling, you only ever think about how much you have won. Now that I’ve seen how much I’ve spent I’m going to be considerably more cautious with how much I spend gambling online or at a casino. I would play up to seven hands at one time, this gambling style is what caused me to spend such a large amount of money without ever realizing how much I was actually spending.”

John Daly is known for being an incredible golfer, he is amazing with his long drives and can clear an entire hole with one swing. Daly has claimed that he’s traveled the world, gambling at various high end casinos in the Dominican Republic or China.

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