BetVictor announces new version Bad Beat Poker Jackpot


BetVictorBetVictor poker, a well established online betting site, has just announced the launching of a new Bad Beat Poker Jackpot that will start at a whopping €921,603! Earlier in March of this year BetVictor froze its earlier bad beat jackpot in order to revamp its design and the way it pays out.

The new version of their Bad Beat Jackpot is said to be easier to win and that more players will share in the Bad Beat Jackpot when it is awarded. All players who play on the ring tables will be able to participate in the Bad Beat Jackpot as long as they are sitting at €.10 and €.20 tables. The new rules have seen the qualifications reduce to those hands with four of a kind 2’s.  As well, all players who have opted in and are sitting at the table that the jackpot is awarded will share in 10% of the value of the Bad Beat Jackpot! Currently that is more than $90,000 and would mean each player would walk away with $10,000 each!

BetVictor’s Andy Horne is quoted as saying: “We at BetVictor are absolutely thrilled to have launched the new Bad Beat Jackpot with such a large jackpot to start with. This will turn heads in the industry and be a real draw to new and regular players alike”

You can get in on this action by registering at BetVictor today.

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