Borgata Being Sued for $10 Million

It seems that Phil Ivey is appearing in the news on a weekly basis now. Today the world wide professional poker player revealed to the press that he is suing Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa for $10 Million. This lawsuit is being filed due to the fact that Phil Ivey found a card defect at the casino and were able to take $9.6 Million in the process.

Borgata Hotel

There are many factors involving this case. It was only last year when Phil Ivey did the same thing at the Crockfords Casino in the United Kingdom. He found a card defect and took $12 Million from the casino, when they took the money back Mr. Ivey took it upon himself to file a lawsuit against the casino. There have been a number of professional poker players that have done this in the past. Within the United States of America it seems that doing this isn’t frowned upon though. If the casino has a card defect they should know about it and thus by resolve the defect so that money can’t be taken. This means that Phil Ivey could potentially win this case and walk away with the $10 Million he took away from Borgata.

This has given him a bad name at land based casinos which has resulted in him being banned from a number of them. If he continues down this path he’ll no longer be able to enter any land based casino within the USA or Europe. It’ll be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out for the famous poker player.

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