Borgata COO Interviewed, Comments On Online Gambling

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s Chief Operating Officer went onto the well known CNBC Program “Squawk Box” in which he told that program that online gambling in the state of New Jersey is beating the expectations they once had for the new industry in the state.

Tom Ballance, the COO of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa said, “Borgata was lucky to gain a unique position in the forefront of legal online gambling in New Jersey. Our partner “Boyd Gaming Corporation” is engaging our players with a strategy that they have used around the world and has proven to a success throughout the years. This allowed for us to be one of the first to launch on day one and provide the citizens of New Jersey with amazing experiences in their gaming.”

Mr. Ballance also noted that as of right now his casino has twenty thousand player account registrations since November 21st, first day online gambling went live in the New Jersey.

Tom Ballance in his revealing interview also noted that online gambling is more male orientated with barely any females registering accounts online. Mr. Ballance was also asked is online gambling is to easy for online punters and he said, “Online gambling is considerably harden then land based gambling, you don’t have the opportunity to look across the table and see what that person is thinking. You must rely on skills that are gained over time, eventually with enough practice online gambling can become just as simple and easy as land based gambling.”

The Gambling Enforcement Division for New Jersey announced that they plan to release the amount of accounts that have been registered and the total amount of money wagered in New Jersey since November 21st at the end of the month.

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