Borgata’s online poker in New Jersey’s awards $1 million prize

An extremely lucky online poker player just became a brand new millionaire after he played the “Next Poker Millionaire” that takes place at the New Jersey Borgata online casino.

The lucky poker player is named Myroslaw Woroch and resides in the small town of Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. Mr. Woroch played this tournament for the better part of a week when he finally was able to enter the final table and play against well known online poker player Steven Edwards. Woroch was able to defeat his opponent with the swift move of a straight draw, which lead to Mr. Edwards being taken out of the game. Due to coming in second place Mr. Edwards was only able to win a maximum of $25,000 while Mr. Woroch was able to win the million dollar jackpot prize that this tournament has to offer.

This jackpot win has changed Myroslaw’s life as he openly said he hasn’t won anything more than seven grand while playing online poker. Myroslaw also said that he has never even made it into a semi-final round before and was shocked to see that he got himself onto the semi-final table in this poker round. In order to enter the semi-finals he along with other players had to defeat a total of 2,177 other players. Defeating eight more players lead him to the tournament’s final table.

Mr. Woroch came out and spoke to interviewers about his big win saying, “This is one of the more surreal experiences that I’ve had in my life. I knew that I didn’t have much of a chance against Mr. Edward’s but once I knew I had him beat when the final card came out I couldn’t help but to freak out and run wild around my house. There isn’t any hard feelings towards Mr. Edwards and I wish him the best of luck in future tournaments.”

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