Diamond Valley Jackpot Triggered, Player Wins $212,996

Over the weekend an online punter was able to trigger a progressive jackpot while playing Diamond Valley. This player was able to win $212,996 while playing this Playtech developed video slot machine.

Playtech nor the online casino where this jackpot was triggered has yet to reveal the majority of details pertaining towards this jackpot win. Other then the player commenting on his win we can tell you that this jackpot win is considerably larger than the normal amount paid out by this slot. On average players will trigger a jackpot worth $72,227 while playing Diamond Valley. The reason the jackpot grew to such a large amount is because it has been six weeks since the jackpot was last triggered at Diamond Valley.

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The punter, who wishes to stay hidden from the public eye commented on his jackpot win saying, “I never once thought that I would be one of the jackpot winners you always read about. When you read about these jackpot winners you feel a bit sorry for yourself that you weren’t the one who triggered that jackpot, you think about what you could of done with that money and now that I have won a progressive jackpot I can tell you that there is no feeling in the world that makes you more excited.”

Playtech has remained as one of the best software developers in the industry, they continue to innovative the experience players have through new slots they release on a monthly basis. We will update you on any new information released pertaining towards the details of this jackpot win.

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