Georgia Fights For An Online Gambling Market

Georgia, one of the southern states located in the USA is now starting the fight for their own online gambling market. The Georgia Lottery and Senator Lindsey Graham both have been advocating how they would like to offer their citizens an online gambling industry just like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware offer for their citizens.


All across the United States of America there are states looking to offer their own online gambling market. The US Virgin Islands, New York and now Georgia have all been putting up the fight trying to regulate and tax an online gambling market. New Jersey alone brings in millions of dollars in tax revenue which has allowed for roads to be upgraded, schools to receive new text books and for the state to overall grow in its health. These other states are only looking to offer the same thing for their citizens.

Georgia State Senator Lindsey Graham stated the following, “New Jersey and Nevada have both proven at states that an online gambling market can bring in great amounts of tax revenue. Georgia is in need of a larger amount in tax revenue and I can’t think of any better way to earn that revenue. We’d be benefiting while our citizens benefit from the money we’d earn through revenue. Our schools would be able to be updated with the latest sports equipment, text books and medical care. Our parks would be able to be rejuvenated and thus by be enjoyable again. I can only hope that the bills we are drafting right now will be approved in office.”

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