Gold Mega Jackpot Pays Player $658,149

An online gambler was able to have their lives forever changed earlier on today when they triggered the Gold Mega Progressive Jackpot. This player was able to win a total of $658,149 while playing at Party Casino. Party Casino has not released the majority of details pertaining towards this jackpot win, we don’t know what game the player was playing when they triggered this jackpot and we don’t know how much he was wagering when he triggered the jackpot.


Even though the details for this jackpot win weren’t revealed to the public as of yet we can confirm that this is the second jackpot to be triggered at Party Casino in three weeks. Since this progressive jackpot was triggered again in a short period of time the amount of this jackpot win is considerably lower than the normal amount won. Normally the gold mega jackpot will pay out a total of $934,772 every five to six weeks.

The player, who has decided to remain anonymous to the general public did comment on his jackpot win saying, “You always wish you could be that one player who wins a life changing progressive jackpot. You sit there spinning the reels wishing for it but knowing that it most likely won’t happen. When I saw on my computer monitor that I had triggered the jackpot I jumped in the air, my keyboard actually flew out of my lap and landed on the ground.”

We will continue to update you on any new information released about this jackpot win.

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