Hall Of God Jackpot Confirmed By Net Entertainment

Last week we reported that one lucky online punter was able to win 7.4 Million Euro’s playing Hall of Gods at Betsson Casino. This jackpot win came to a surprise to most as only one month earlier the same progressive jackpot had been triggered for a smaller amount, which in this slots case, three jackpots are offered.

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Net Entertainment confirmed this jackpot win alongside Betsson Casino when they both made a statement regarding the win. Betsson Casino CEO Magnus Silfverberg said the following, “It is a thrill to send out one of our punters to our base of operations and then hand them a check for 7.4 Million Euro’s. You know that the second that punter holds the check in their hands their life has forever been changed, they are now free to do whatever they want and knowing that you gave them that opportunity is truly one of the best feeling I have ever experienced. I wish the best of luck with the future for this player and hope to see him again at Betsson Casino.”

Per Eriksson, standing alongside Magun Silfverberg agreed with his partner’s statement saying: “Mr. Silfverberg is correct and it truly is a wonderful feeling to know that you, in a small way, have been able to help change the lives of so many players around the world.”

Hall of Gods has already begun its climb to surpassing $1 million. Make a point to play it today!

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