History of Casinos Online

The history of online casinos begin far back in the year of 1996 and the history is long and full of exciting moments as one would come to expect. Over the years since the online gambling industry took its place on the internet it has become a billion dollar industry, one of the biggest ones our world can see today. In the early days of online gambling there were so far and few in-between online casinos to play at and this is due to the lack of software companies available to online casinos. As it was many software companies were not familiar with online gambling or what the software would entail.

As the years continued on within the online gambling industry more online casino software providers began to arise within the industry and this means more casinos began to arise as well. This allowed for more players to start being able to start there online gambling adventure. If you can imagine the growth of the online gambling industry over the years than you will begin to realize that it is astronomical. The online gaming industry started off with so very few online casinos but today is now has more than 2500 online casinos available to the loyal players of their industry. This amount of casinos doesn’t even factor in bingo casinos, poker casinos, live casinos or sportsbetting casinos.

Just like every major industry that is worth billions of dollars the shady people began to operate within the industry. This meant that players were playing under a dishonest casino which overall meant that players where losing there money but due to this many safe practices such as licensing and certifications began to arise within the industry as one. One of the bigger licensing companies today is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the main certification company is ECOGRA. If you find yourself looking at a new casino to play at you should always look for these names on the website because than you know the website is absolutely legit, these casinos that have these highly respectable names behind their casino has to uphold to a certain level of code and conduct.

This result in safety and quality gaming has caused online casinos to rise to the level of a land based casino and in a lot of cases has even beaten the standards that a land based casino has to offer. As more and more land based players begin to learn of online gambling and the high level of safety these casinos have to offer the industry continues to expand rapidly. Also with technology constantly growing and bettering itself new software’s are released that only improve the quality of the games, the safety these games ensure, the support staff and the graphics of the game as well.

One of the latest and greatest ways that the online gaming industry continues to beat a land based casino is with the new arrival of Live Casinos. These casinos offer a more personal and lively feel to the games with multiple cameras that allow for the dealers and players to live chat through webcam. Some of the games you can play are roulette, poker, baccarat and of course blackjack. With these new software’s coming out it only increases the amount of fun a player can have with their online gambling experience. Also it should be noted that more games are being released under a live casino format.

The history of the online gambling industry isn’t going to die anytime soon. You can only expect for the industry to grow more and more as the years continue on. You will see the quality of games only improve year after year, this will also mean that more players will return to online gambling and more new players will begin to join up on this amazing party.

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