Making the best of Online Poker Tools

Four of a kind - aces
It’s true that there has been an increase in poker programs online such as poker office and poker tracker. Most of the new players can’t pay for these new programs to hit the market. Many of the poker rooms available to you as a player are banning these programs as it is to insure all players of there poker casino have the same chance to win. Don’t fret for all hope is not long you just need to be innovative and find a new way to have a better game. Here we will show you some of these options.


This particular feature is one of the best available to you right now. You must be thinking to yourself that you’ll never see the players you play with on one game again being it such a large online poker world. This is far from the case for I have seen personally the same players many of times over again, Some times on the rare occasion months after I’ve played with them I will see them again in the same poker room I am playing in. It’s much more common to see these players again if you are playing six dollar games or three dollar games. You are undoubtedly assured to see one or two players again.

There is a lot of significant information you should jot down about someone and that being would be how loose/tight or passion a player could be. There betting behaviours, hand range, and anything else you find that sticks out about that player. Quickly you will find that with good notes you will find a lot of regularities in the play and you can clearly make the right choice when the anxiety of the game is on.

Hand History:

Hand history is a dull task indeed but looking over the hand history you have will give you a considerable amount of insight on other players and yourself as a player. There are up to several programs that make it much easier to read the hand histories you have jotted down.

One of the key things you are looking for with hand histories is the showdowns that identifiable player has made. When you have figured out a player and the showdowns they commonly use, have a look to the seating position they hold and the positions of all the other players. Include their habits when it comes to betting’s. Discover the most showdowns you can from that certain player as much as your possibly can to see if you notice that player has any tells, Those certain tells will become second nature to notice and will surely become one of the largest tools in your arsenal to use. You will eventually be able to tell an easy player like the back of your hand and find yourself looking for me.

Poker Calculator:

A poker calculator is a pretty simple program to explain. It’ll show you the methods on what you can do to pick up your hands and make them better. It’ll also show you the chances of what these methods will do to increase your chances at winning a hand. With all these programs you will have a better sense of how you can portray yourself as a better player.

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