Microgaming Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is one of more popular versions of Video Poker that is offered at online casinos. Jacks or Better is played with a single deck of cards and does not offer a wild card. Each game that is played is played with a new deck of cards to ensure full randomness of the hand being played.
Video Poker Jacks or Better
The Microgaming software allows you to increase or decrease the amount you wager for each hand. They provide convenient controls to allow this that are fast and easy to use. You may also select whether to play one coin or up to five coins per hand. The more coins that are played the bigger the prizes are that can be won. This is important to pay attention to as should you hit a royal flush the difference between playing 4 coins and 5 coins is 3000 coins!

The minimum bet for Jacks or Better is set at 0.25. This means if playing 5 coins at the minimum coin size you will be wagering $1.25 per hand played with a maximum win potential of 4000 coins or $1000 if a royal Flush is achieved. The maximum coin size is set at $5 with the maximum wager set at $25 per hand. This could result in a win of $20,000 should a Royal Flush be won. Once you have set the amount of coins you wish to play and the coin size you are able to play without the need to select coins played and coin size for each hand. Simply click on the “Deal” button and you are good to go.

To start the game you will need to click on the “Deal” button. This will deal you 5 cards. You can then select which cards you wish to hold and which cards you would like to replace. The Microgaming software offers an autoplay option that will automatically hold winning hands. You are able to override this and unselect those cards that were autoheld and choose to select other cards. The choice is entirely up to you but the autohold is a good option to use as it prevents you from missing possible wins on the flop.
Jacks or Better offers you the option to try to double your winnings after each successful hand played. You can opt to disregard this and accept your winnings or try to double up.

The software will allow you to do this multiple times with each win but should you not select the higher card you will lose your winnings. If you elect to try to double your winnings you are dealt 5 cards. One card is visible and the other four are not. You select one card, if the card is higher then you will receive double the amount of your initial win. If it is lower you lose your winnings and are returned to the main game and can continue playing.

If you love Video Poker than we recommend you playing Jacks or Better as it offers some great winning potential. It is entertaining and easy to understand if new to playing.

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