Myths for Video Poker – Part 1

Deuces Wild video pokerThere are many people who have myths about Video Poker.  Many players are superstitious and tend to play in certain ways to counter the myths they believe apply to video poker. Unfortunately those same players tend to share these myths they believe in and this causes others to believe the same as others. This is where myths start and we thought it important to dispel some of the more common myths that are out there about video poker.

1 – All video poker machines will eventually payout

This myth exists for slots too. What many players fail to understand is that video poker games are operated using a random number generator. The belief that the big hand is due any time now is just not true. Yes, it can hit at any time but due to the RNG that is in play predicting when is impossible and nothing more than a myth.

2 – You can control the outcome

Again this is a myth for the same reason as above. Random Number generators dictate the next card to be dealt. It is based on a predetermined payout percentage and not how you play the cards. Yes playing certain cards over others will increase the likely hood of a win it by no means gives you control of the overall outcome of each hand played.

3 – Play Max Bet each hand

This one always was a shocking myth. The amount you bet in video poker does not have a bearing on you winning more or less. The results are still RNG based and the payout percentage is relative to the amount of hands played and not the value of each hand played. Playing max bet is a better way to play only for the fact that some video poker games increase the size of a Royal Flush payout if 5 coins are played over say four coins.

4 – Certain Video Poker Games are better than others

This is true and false. There are some variations of video poker that generally offer more wins but those wins tend to be smaller amount. This is true with wild card games for example. Most online video poker games will offer, online that is, a payout percentage that averages in the high nineties. This is based on all hands played so the idea that some games will not award the big wins in a myth and nothing more.

If in doubt then play video poker and track your payout percentage. Online casinos will allow you to review each hand you play. You can use this to look over your play and determine of some games pay better than others. The problem with that is sometimes when you play you will have a losing streak and others a winning streak.

The bottom line is all versions of video poker, both online and in regular casinos are 100% random and players do not have the ability to affect the outcome – that simple – nothing more, nothing less!

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