Online Gambling Account Registrations Near 110,000 In New Jersey

New Jersey, the most recent state in the USA to legalize online gambling on a state level have nearly reached one hundred and ten thousand player account registrations as of Monday, December 23rd. The Gambling Enforcement State Division was the first to report this as they handle all the player registration numbers.

New Jersey has been the fastest growing state out of the three when it comes to play registrations. The hype up for legal online gambling in the state was reported all around the world. As of December 23rd there have been 109,496 player registrations. The suspected goal was that the amount of accounts registered would pass 110,000 by Christmas Eve, that goal was met and the number continue to grow.

The number of player accounts that are set up to play have reached numbers that no one could of guess but this doesn’t mean that those players are actually gambling or that some players haven’t signed up at multiple casinos. A lot of dedicated punters have registered accounts with all of the online casinos available in the state. We have yet to see the numbers on the amount of player accounts that have wagered, the information has not been made public as of yet.

The Gaming Enforcement Director of New Jersey David Rebuck commented on the large number of player account registrations saying, “We have had a steady flow of player account registrations since November 21st full launch. We see a constant increase in traffic on the online casinos due to the amount of advertising that has been done through various advertising firms. We look forward to seeing the numbers grow with each passing month.”

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