Party Poker Becoming More Recreational

Party Poker, an internet poker provider and the direct competition to Amaya Gaming’s “PokerStars & FullTilt Poker” has announced that their making certain moves in order to make Party Poker more recreational. What this means is that this poker platform is going to become more like Amaya Gaming’s poker platforms in the upcoming weeks.


The first thing being done is that there’ll be a poker software update. This update will allow for a ban of analysis software which allows for pro players to manipulate the table & seat positions in the game. Players whom wish to enter a game will now be placed into a waiting list where they’ll be randomly seated once a table is found.

There will also be the inclusion of slot software & other table games within the upcoming months. This is directly what PokerStars & FullTilt have done. Both of these poker firms have seen a major increase in player activity which is what has led to Party Poker doing the same. There is unfortunately no word as to which platforms this poker site will be offering in the upcoming months.

This could result in Party Poker becoming one of the leading online casinos/poker providers in the market. It’s been clear to those working at this poker firm for the last few months that player activity has lowered. In order to increase it changes needed to be done. Luckily for fans of this poker site those changes are being taken into effect sooner as opposed to later.

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