Poker a game of skill says Italian court

The Supreme Court in Italy has now ruled poker is a game of skill. This related to both ring play and tournament play. This judgement effectively removed poker from the definitions that related to gambling. This is a big victory to those who supported the claim that poker is a game of skill and not one of chance.

In 2009 the Double Up Club, based in Sicily, was charged with running an illegal gambling operation – which was poker.  A lower ruling from the courts supported the clubs claim that this was a game of skill and therefore the law was in effect wrong and that poker should be removed from the definition of gambling. This was then brought before the Supreme Court which supported the lower court’s ruling that poker, or the success of poker was in direct relation to the players ability to apply strategy and their understanding of the game.

This is another victory in what is an on-going battle over gambling around the world.

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