Poker Malware Now Hitting the Scene

This week it has been reported that a new form of malware is hitting the poker scene, marking the first time that any hackers have been foolish enough to do anything like this in a decade. None the less this new malware is being targeted to punters at FullTilt & PokerStars. Hackers are able to spy on card information after they’ve infected the punters computer. This can result in a mass amount of funds being seized by these hackers.


This spyware is named WIN32/Spy.Odlanor. It’s being disguised as a program that’ll give punters a poker analysis just like Smart Buddy, Poker Calculator Pro, Poker Office and Tournament Shark do. This has resulted in many people downloading the program believing it’s innocent. This software allows for the hackers to screenshot the cards of the other players their playing against. This in return allows for them to make proper hands & win other punters funds.

As of right now there is several hundred computer that have been infected by this virus. Unfortunately it seems that the only way to remove this virus to is for punters to do a full reboot of their system. The banks or credit card companies behind these punters will have to reimburse their customers but none the less Amaya Gaming, the owners of FullTilt and PokerStars are encouraging players to deny any programs that might appear while their playing online poker.

Legitimate software and illegal software are easily identifiable, it shouldn’t be hard for this information to circle quickly so that players are once again safe.

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