PokerStars Announces Closing In The United Kingdom

PokerStars, a world renowned online poker casino has just announced that their pulling out of the United Kingdom. This truly came as a shock to many as everyone believed that of all the operators in the United Kingdom it would be PokerStars that remained after these changes. You see PokerStars is leaving the UK Online Gambling Market because the “UK Licensing and Advertising Gambling Bill” is now being put into effect at the end of September.


The “UK Licensing and Advertising Gambling Bill” will require that each operator pay a fifteen percent consumption tax, those operators that provide their punters with more than one platform will have to pay that fifteen percent tax on each software platform they provide. It is these new laws that have lead to multiple operators leaving the UK Market, PokerStars is just the latest to do so.

Those punters who wish to remove all their funds out of can do so within the next eleven days as will stop accepting wagers on October 1st. Any other license owned by PokerStars UK will also be shutting down their doors as well, this means that British punters won’t be able to experience the PokerStars experience for years to come or possibly never again.

We will inform you if PokerStars UK plans to return to the market at any point in the future. As of right now it doesn’t look good as the United Kingdom Government is taxing operators far too much to make a profit.

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