PokerStars & Full Tilt Get UK License

Amaya Gaming was happy to announce that they will indeed be operating within the United Kingdom in the next couple of weeks. The reason for this is because Amaya Gaming was able to gain a UK Gaming License for Full Tilt & PokerStars. This means that one of the best poker halls and online casinos will be coming to the United Kingdom in the next two weeks.

Amaya Gaming
This license isn’t the first for PokerStars & Full Tilt though as they already owned one. They just had to have their license renewed as the United Kingdom Government implemented new laws which require operators to pay a tax & fee in order to operate their online casinos in the UK. The two casinos have been operating in the UK for a long period of time, the only difference now is that Amaya Gaming will be required to pay a large amount in taxes and fees. This is disappointing but none the less they’ll be able to earn a large profit as the UK is their largest market.

Amaya Gaming has openly said that they’re going to comply with every new regulation put in place by the UK Government. They’ll also be adhering to the new payment protection system put in place in order to ensure that punters have no issues receiving their payments. Those wishing to play at either one of these online casinos can do so after the next two weeks by signing up an account with either one of these casinos.

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