Revenue soars 31.8% in Macau

China’s largest gaming destination Macau saw a massive revenue increase for October. The revue increase is 31.8% and is a record high revenue increase for the gambling destination.

The revenue increased by 4.6 Billion dollars in US currency, transferred over into the Chinese Patacas currency the revenue increased by 37 Billion. This is the highest recorded increase in Macau and it shows that this gambling destination is quickly growing to become as popular as Las Vegas. It is also the reason many Las Vegas operators also have opened casinos in the city.

China owes a great deal of this increase during their golden week. The golden week is a national holiday for China and it brings a lot of outside visitors to the country. The overall increase in visitors to this gambling destination was 10.7% and this is a considerable increase compared to last year.

The growth of visitors from around the world will continue to grow, more resorts are being built in the eleven mile radius. It is suspected that the increase of visitors will sky rocket next year as the majority of these hotels will be completed in early 2014.

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