Ring Leader of Connecticut Online Sports Betting Ring Sentenced

The debt collector who was a part of a massive illegal online sports betting ring was sentenced to 33 months in federal jail. The federal courts of Connecticut stand firm on those 33 years.

The collector was Joseph Borea from Stamford, Connecticut. He was just his stiff sentence due to the large role he played in collecting the debts of the illegal gambling ring. Surprisingly enough he plead guilty to his actions in the illegal gambling ring. During his plea, he admitted that he collected over 1.7 Million during his time as their debt collector. The illegal online gambling ring has been tied to the Gambino Crime Family of New York and the Federal Government has full intentions of pursuing the Gambino Crime Family of their actions relating to this activity.

As of right now it stands that eighteen people have been charged with a variety of different crimes within the case. The sentencing for each of the defendants is different due to each member playing a different role in the gambling ring. The federal government has taken $1.4 in stolen cash as of right now.

What the final outcome will be will be determined as justice takes its course. It is expected the all accused will be found guilty an serve various prison sentences for their crimes.

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