Ronny Kaiser Wins $283,087

Ronny Kaiser, a Swiss based professional poker player was happy to win $283,087. Though Mr. Kaiser will go to land based poker games, he often plays online as do the majority of professional poker players. He played one thousand hands before he was able to take home the pot at PokerStars.

There were six different large pots won this weekend, “Educa-Poker”, an unknown player at PokerStars was able to win $295,014. It should be noted that this player is an average player, this would be considered a big win but for Mr. Kaiser this is an average monthly win. He stands as the highest paid poker pro of PokerStars for 2016 as of right now, having won already $366,366 throughout the month of January.

Ronny Kaiser

PokerStars for those whom don’t know is the largest poker gambling firm in the globe for online play. It’s owned by Canadian based gambling firm “Amaya Gaming”. This site is endorsed by ninety percent of all professional online players. This is due to one simple fact; their platform out-plays any other on the market.

Mr. Kaiser couldn’t be reached for comment. It’s rare that this pro will ever make a statement regarding his wins & when he does make statements, there at a PokerStars event in person. Those wishing to subscribe an account with this poker firm only has to go through three simple registration processes, once completed a world of online poker will be available to you.

Congratulations to Ronny Kaiser as well as all other wins of the ten large jackpots wins to be won this month at PokerStars.

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