Rules for Video Poker

Video Poker can be found online or in casinos on the machines they provide. The game has become very popular over the years and has grown to become a favorite among many players. This version of poker is played with a single player, which provides players with multiple wagering amounts and no need to keep a close eye on your opponents.

The game is played much like a 5 card draw hand of poker where players will be able to choose, which cards to hold or replace. Video poker can also be played with many different hands starting from a 1 hand to a 100 hand game. This means players will be able to win over 1 to 100 hands with combinations of poker hands.

video poker
Playing Video Poker

Players will need to start by placing a wager. All hands played will hold the same value, which makes the game a lot easier and rewarding. Once the wager has been set players are required to press deal. This will provide the first 5 cards, which are the playing cards for the player.

The game will then provide the option to hold cards, these cards would usually be high cards, a pair or better. Simply click on the cards that are worth keeping and press deal again. If a multi-hand game is played, the cards being held will change all the hands to the same cards. This means combinations will be more common and the game will have all held cards in the same positions. Players will then see the cards that were not held will be replaced, this is where combinations will start presenting themselves. Should cards match and complete a combination players will win. The game will then do the same for all the hands played should a multi-hand video poker game be played.

Different types of video poker will provide players with different games, which includes Jacks or better, All American, Joker’s wild, Tens or better, Deuces wild, Double bonus and far beyond. All these games are based on 5 card draw games, but offer different game rules. The most common is Jacks or better so therefore it will be used as an example. A good rule of thumb however, should you be in the market for a reliable online casino to practice your video poker skills is to visit, a top rated resource for online casino information.

Winning hands in Jacks or Better

Royal Flush: The highest of all possible wins. Players will require a suited hand of 10 to Ace.

Straight Flush: A suited hand with consecutive numbers

Four of a Kind: Four cards holding the same numbered card

Full House: 3 of a kind with 2 of a kind

Flush: 5 Cards holding the same suit, but in no consecutive order

Straight: 5 cards with a consecutive order

Three of a Kind: 3 same value cards

Two Pair: 2 same value cards

Jacks or better: Any two of a kind high cards

The game will require players to get at least 2 jacks, queens, kings or Aces. These are the only 2 pair hands that will provide winnings. Hands ranked above this will be seen as 3 of a kind, which can be any value.

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