TitanBet & The Sun Newspaper Sign Deal

TitanBet, an online & live casino available in the European Union Online Gambling Market announced today that they’ve entered a partnership with “The Sun” newspaper. This new deal will allow for TitanBet to be the sponsor for the daily betting column posted in The Suns newspaper on a bi-daily basis. The Sun is viewed by millions of people all across the European Union, this is a unique and sure to be profitable method of advertising for TitanBet.


TitanBet has been recently wanting to attract a new brand of punter to their casino. It’s a part of their strategy to become more focused and known for their poker & live dealer platforms. TitanBet doesn’t want to be considered an average online casino anymore but instead a high quality online casino which can be turned into a brand. This has proven well with investors which is why TitanBet is searching for a higher demographic through The Sun Newspaper.

Russell Yershon, a spokesman at TitanBet did speak about this partnership saying that it’ll bring great exposure to their casino and that it’ll attract a sophisticated group of online punters. If this deal proves to be profitable it can take TitanBet casino to the next level and make them one of the fiercest competitors in the market. We’ll keep you updated on how this new plans pans out for TitanBet, there is no way in which this deal will bring more viewers to the sun. Profit from this deal will only be on TitanBets end as The Sun cannot lose on a deal such as this one.

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