TonyG releases Poker Coach Tool

Professional Poker player TonyG has chosen to partner with educational developer MagicHoldem to release his own personal real time poker coaching software. It will include in-play odds, insight, player statistics, postgame analysis and advice.

TonyG is reported to say “This is as good as having me sitting next to you at the poker table” He continues to say that he is incredibly exciting to be able to partner with MagicHoldem to offer such a quality teaching tool. This tool will be invaluable for any poker player as it will take beginners and mid-range players and provide the insight and tolls they need to remove any weaknesses they have and to develop a proper strategy for the game. It is designed to improve their overall game and help them becoming better winning players.

MagicHoldem consulted extensively with TonyG during the development of this software. Tony understand that poker is a fun game but one that requires skill. By assisting in the development Tony has been able to share his passion for the game and be the personal coach to thousands versus just a few.

The software is windows based and players are able to download the software direct at the website. MagicHoldem was first created back in 2009 with the expressed goal to create software that will help poker players become better players. To date MagicHoldem offers player friendly poker teaching guides that helps players advance in their game. This software is available for free for a full year during its trial release.

Be sure to visit TonyGto take advantage of this free software.



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