TV Ad Published By Adelson Anti-Online Betting Group

The Sheldon Adelson Coalition has spent countless man hours in order to stop online gambling and this week they released a television ad where they warn the American citizens that online gambling is dangerous. Through the ad they chose to pinpoint the nefarious activities of certain illegal online casinos.
The advertisement does this through using portions of a letter that was sent to a US Congressman by the FBI. Through the letter you can see that online gambling has the potential for money laundering treats but there is no evidence in the ad to prove their claims.

The ad made a statement that was meant to strike fear into the heart of Americans saying, “The FBI is spending the majority of their time defending the world against cyber attacks, terrorist activity. Through online gambling cyber attacks more criminal activity will rise just not at home but internationally.”

The ad instantly received criticism for their lack of information to back up their claims from the Executive Director for the Poker Players Alliance John Pappas. Mr. Pappas noted that online gambling doesn’t have any terrorism financing or activity of any kind and that even saying it is a laughable matter. There isn’t any evidence what so ever to support their claims except for the claims that have previously been made by the Sheldon Adelson Coalition.

Sheldon Adelson is a well known owner of multiple land based casinos in Las Vegas. He is an avid supporter of making online gambling illegal cross country on a state and federal level.

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