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MicroGaming isn’t all about making money it is also a software provider that cases about the health of the environment, its species and how we care for them. Recently the MicroGaming Software Providers took it upon themselves to release games that are based in the wild with creates that are close to going extinct. One of these games is Untamed Giant Panda which is apart of Microgaming’s recent release of 243 Payline Slots. This game is absolutely wonderful in visuals, sound and much more. The game has 5 reels with multiple different slot features such as scatters, free spins, wilds, lucky nudge and some new features like collect a wild.

When you enter this game for the first time you will feel as if you are in a jungle with the panda’s habitat of bamboo, jungle like landscapes and the sounds of the jungle. All of the symbols you will see in Untamed Giant Panda are meant to give out additional awareness on the subject of the panda going extinct while at the same time providing a high level of entertainment. All the features that are available on this game are explained to you in a very straight forward manner. Some of these unique features to the game is mountain range, bamboo forest and more. The game is offered with outstanding and visually impressive graphics, an extremely superior sound quality, animations that pop out of the screen and will leave you breathless. All of these things lead to a high level of excitement in the game and brings the player back.

The Untamed Giant Panda Slot Game offers some of the newer features from Microgaming since it is one of their latest slot games. One of the newest features is the lucky nudge which will allow you to to nudge down on one of the free spin symbols, this will allow you to trigger the free spins in the game and this can inevitably mean more money for you to win. The amount of free spins that you are given when this happens is 10 and that is more than enough to save you some money and possibly increase you’re bankroll at the same time.

A free spin is won in Untamed Giant Panda by landing on three or more of the eye bonus symbols. This will grant the player free ten spins to play with and will also add a special feature called Brilliant Wilds. These brilliant wilds will stay in play during the time of the free spans, if you land on any reel while you are using you’re free spins and the brilliant wilds it can allows for you to gain a much larger amount of money. This is by far one of the best money making features Microgaming has released for Untamed Giant Panda.

The Untamed Giant Panda game is absolutely wonderful in every way; it brings a good sense of awareness to the online gamblers in the industry today and gives you a thrilling experience of gaming at the same time. This casino game should not be over looked and if you want a high quality of game while also learning a new thing or two than this is the game for you to play today.

You can play Untamed Giant Panda at Crazy Vegas Casino





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