Which is the Right Video Poker Game for You?

If you are knew to playing video poker you will be taken back by the amount of games you are able to select from. Initially most players will select a game and see where it leads them then moving on to other games until such time as they understand the small differences between each version. The only problem this causes is that those same players may end up spending a fair amount of money before they find the right video poker game best suited for them. In this article we will go through some of the different types of video poker games and hopefully help you narrow down the selection process for you.

To start it is ideal to play those video poker games that are simpler to follow. Some of the more easy to use video poker games include Jokers Wild. This version offers one wild card and it will match any potential winning combinations. You can then begin to look at other games such as Deuces Wild and Double Double Bonus as these games will require you to pay a bit more attention in order to try to hit the larger wins.

Both of these games also give you an improved chance of hitting a wild royal flush due to the added wild cards. While a wild royal does not pay as much as a royal flush is still gives a solid win and goes a long way towards the cashout button. There are some versions of video poker that tend to offer a better profit simple due to the fact they tend to be more high variance video poker games. Consider at this point playing games such as Aces and Faces or Double Double Bonus Poker or Deuces and Joker – which offers a Royal Flush payout of 10,000 coins. If you have a large starting stack and are max betting these games can return a very profitable win.

It is always important before you start to play any video poker game to check the paytables. There is no point in playing blind and not understanding the paytable for the game you are playing. It helps you make proper decisions as to which cards to hold and which to fold. As each casino software is different than the next so too will their paytables. Getting complacent will only lead to potential disappointment.

Progressive video poker is another variation that is offered with some online casinos. Microgaming offers SuperJax which tends to trigger on a pretty frequent basis. Remember that with progressive video poker games in order to win the progressive jackpot you will need to play max bet. Some have a pre-set amount per hand without the ability to play less but it is to your advantage that if playing a progressive game to understand this and ensure you do not play whatsoever less than the max bet as should you play less, even for one hand, and then hit a royal flush you will lose out on a substantial money.

Video Poker is one of the better games to play online so be sure to take your time, there is no need to rush and play a variety of games until you find the right ones for your style of play.

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