The worlds most popular card game exists not only as a game between players but also as a game between the player and a dealer and as videopoker. Here at Care4Poker we will share important information and videopoker guides on how to get started playing many different poker games.

Does luck matter in poker?

With any game that contains a bit of gambling you always need luck, to say that luck doesn’t matter in gambling is to say that gasoline doesn’t matter to a car. Having luck on your side can only be beneficial and being on Murphy’s bad side will likely result in more losses, no matter how good you are. On the other hand, in any poker game you shouldn’t rely entirely on your luck to win because if you do that you will very likely end up losing money rather than making it.

What part does skill play in poker?

Successful poker in any form is the ability to know which play is the right play and when, if you should fold, if you should raise, if you should call. The strategy changes a little when there are no other players involved and all you’re trying to do is either defeat the dealers hand, or get a hand on the payout table. The principles of poker are still very much alive and present in both table-poker and videopoker, there is still the matter of the odds to get a card and the odds to match the cards into a winning hand. Once you know the odds, playing mathematically can only benefit your winnings and since you don’t need to read other players you won’t feel rushed or uncertain that you’ve read them wrong.

Card games, often a casinos worst enemy

Card games such as Black Jack and Poker are often a casinos worst enemy but also necessary evil to them, though a good for us. Casinos still have the tables and the machines cause not having them would result in a loss of customers and profit for them. But since a few simple guides and a tiny grasp of mathematics (or a very good memory) can turn the odds more in the favor of the player, poker remains a popular choice for gamblers and card players.

“What type of poker would I like?”

There are a lot of poker games out there with a wide variety of rules, winnings and systems to follow and learn. However at the core there are 2 types of poker other than regular poker against other players. There is table poker against a dealer and videopoker where the goal is to simply get a hand that awards a payout. Each caters to a different play style but neither is really exclusive, since at the core of poker the very principles still remain the same.

Table poker speaks to the players that love to gamble but prefer to be in more control of the game, this is usually pure mathematics since all you need to do is beat the dealers hand – much like in Black Jack.

Videopoker is likely most appealing to the gambler that wants to add that little edge to the gambling to weigh the luck in his favor. Many casinos for example report that videopoker have had returns of over 100%, which means overall the casinos lost money on videopoker those months.

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