Myths for Video Poker – Part 2

mythsThis is the second article and stage two on the myths of video poker. If you haven’t read part 1 then it is advisable that you do in order to maximize the benefits of this article.


5 – Video Poker Can’t be Beaten

The majority of players have a preconceived notion that video poker can’t be beaten. They believe that they are disadvantaged in so far as they will most likely never be consistent in the win category. Most play for the fun of it and should they get a few nice wins then they are happy. However video poker can be beat and in fact it happens all the time. Video poker, just like slots, uses a RNG to calculate results. Each hand played can be a winner or can be a losing hand. By playing the game over time you should see this is fact and will experience an average win ratio of 97% online.

Choosing the right game, right strategy and understanding the best method or cards to hold can see you beating your favourite video poker machine.

6 – It is the casinos that dictate Payouts

There are players who believe it is the casino that dictates how much any one game pays out. There is a myth that suggests they are able to change payouts on the fly to thwart those players who are due a big win. This is just not the case and online casinos often use complex RNG’s that are not under their control but are built into the software. They are tested monthly by outside sources and the prove shows payout percentages remain consistent.

7 – Video Poker only pays smaller wins

Again, this is nothing more than a myth and anyone who really plays online video poker will learn this inside of a single one hour session. The idea is that this is a ploy used by the casinos to keep players playing with the hope that the big win is just around the corner. While the majority of wins will be smaller each and every video poker game you play will payout all of the available payouts that are listed on the payout table.  There is and never has been any evidence to even suggest this is factual. It is a myth that those on the losing end of a machine have spread over time – nothing more, nothing less.

8 – Video poker machines pay less when traffic is highest

As with real land based casinos many online casinos see a spike in traffic on weekends. There are many who believe that during those peak times that video poker machines are pre-set to pay less. Again, this really comes down to the RNG that is used in all games online. The fact that you may experience a lower payout than you are used to is not because the casinos have lowered the payout ratio but simply because traffic is higher. Thus more people are playing and this increases the competition for those bigger wins.

9 – The more you wager the more you win

Well this is a no brainer as if you wager more when you win you will win more. However how much you wager has no bearing on the percentage of wins that you will experience. The machines are not set to pay less or more based on the amount you wager as it is all relative. This one is yet another myth.

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