Video Poker Basics

Videopoker may not be the most popular category of casino games in the world and videopoker doesn’t have the ease of introducing dozens of new games each month. Instead though videopoker presents a greater variety of play styles in each game, so you can create your own strategies to work for you.

What is Videopoker?
Videopoker is based on probably the most famous card game in the world, quite expectedly called poker. Videopoker combines the hands of poker with a slot machine and creates something based on both luck and skill. While you can’t influence the hands in videopoker like you can with regular poker, it’s still possible to play on the odds of which hand is the most likely to aim for.

Videopoker is played on a computer with a design similar to a videoslot and with both bonuses and jackpots. A round is usually played when you are dealt your cards and you decide which to keep and which to switch, this is where knowledge of odds comes to great use since knowing what hand is more likely to yield a long-term profit.

Online Videopoker pays more than Live
When you play Videopoker at a regular live casino you will almost always find a return of bet at around 75%, which aren’t bad odds but when compared to your return of bet on an online casino – 75% pales. Return of bet is a term used to decide how much a player will win in return on average when betting, a return of bet at 75% would return 75 dollar per 100 bet on average.

Online casinos have theoretical returns at sometimes over 100% but with an average of 98%. Since poker hands are entirely based on the odds and available cards, it is usually the rules that change or the payouts. This is possible since the online casino doesn’t have to pay for the rows of machines required to play, every game is played using software.

Are there many types of Videopoker?
There are a lot of different videopoker machines with their own set of rules to set them apart from each other, this means different experiences, different payouts and less risk of getting bored. Once you learn one videopoker machine, you will likely pick every other videopoker up almost immediately. Because while the rules do vary, the very core of what makes poker – poker – is still there. Most videopoker games include the ability to play multiple hands, sometimes up to hundreds or even thousands of hands at the same time. Each hand will be the same exact hand, but imagine getting a Royal Flush payout multiplied by a thousand.

Double Playoff
Double Playoff is when you get down to it a double or nothing feature that is present in a lot of videopoker machines. Double Playoff is basically a feature where you wager your entire pot of winnings for a 50% chance to double it. Usually you pick a color (red or black) or you pick if you think the card revealed will be lower or higher than the previous one. For the latter, it is entirely possible to use mathematics to increase your chances of winning. It’s still about luck when it comes down to which card is dealt, the closer to the lower or higher end of the card values, the easier it is to guess which is more likely to come up.

Progressive Jackpot
A progressive jackpot is a feature most common in videoslots where payouts upwards of 15 million dollars happen at online casinos. While the payouts on videopoker doesn’t really get that high, there are still jackpots available in some games and the more hands you play at once – the bigger your chances of winning. The jackpot increases with every participating wager, but the percentage taken from the bet will not be subtracted from your payouts. How do you win a jackpot? It depends, sometimes it’s about getting special bonus-cards on your hand, at other times it is about winning with jokers or even just getting a Natural Royal Flush.

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