WSOP Won by Joe McKeehan

The 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event has come to a close, having some of the greats beaten out by new talent in the process. The winner of the 2015 WSOP is Joe McKeehan, a twenty four year old professional poker player. He’s now been able to walk away from this championship with $7,683,347 in his pocket. This is an incredible win that’ll surely put this player in the rank for the duration of his professional career in poker.

Joe McKeehan

McKeehan was able to beat out Josh Beckley in a heads up battle, the three hour battle on the third day of the final table ended in just one hundred and eighty three hands. After winning the tournament Mr. McKeehan took to his parents and grandparents, hugging them both and then later commented to the media, “This is by far the greatest accomplishment of my life. It’s the greatest accomplishment a poker pro can reach. I am confident that I’ll always be able to make money playing this game in a professional manner but winning this tournament has shown me something I didn’t believe I have. I’ll be sharing this prosperity with my family and friends.”

The losing opponent, Josh Beckley did note that he is proud of his close friend and that it’s great to see him take home this win. I suppose when regardless you’re going to win millions of dollars at the final table as the second last player, holding grudges would be foolish. The best of luck is sent to Joe McKeehan from us at Care4Poker.

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